UX, Research, UI

Expanding Market Reach



Quirky hired me to lead in the redesign of their e-commerce experience.



Quirky allows people to get their ideas created and sold by big manufacturing companies.

There are many people who have bright ideas but no way to see them become real products. Quirky is an invention platform that allows the ideas to be built by a team of product designers and sold on many marketplaces. Quirky wanted to redesign their experience to improve conversions while showcasing the story of how an idea becomes a real product.



Conducted a content audit, usability analysis and competitive research to identify ways to improve their customer experience.

Prior to redesign


Quirky identified that there is an opportunity to advance their business model by addressing these key areas:

Increase the lifetime value of customers 
Show more products and create upselling opportunities on the listing page.

Nurturing the ideal prospects 
Reiterate the concept behind Quirky by bringing the products to life with design storytelling.

Convert shoppers into paying customers 
Reduce friction points in the navigation




Created storyboards, sketches and wireframe of the new concept.

To understanding the user’s journey , scenario is very important for a UX designer to cater the right design. Translated strategic vision into an understandable experience. 

Listing and product detail sketches




Created a new responsive experience which championed the product and portrayed the inventor as a hero.

Product Detail Wireframe


Redesigned product page

I placed important product content above the fold. The product detail was easily accessed by scrolling, which led customer into the story of the inventor and the idea.


A more intuitive navigation

I placed subcategories in the new navigation to allow users to gain a broad sense of the types of products we sell. 


Redesigned listing page

The newly designed listing page was branded with a categorical hero to increase brand awareness. Users can view more results with three columns of products and up sell content was placed at the end of the results .