I Will Change It
Wunmi Atewologun

Experience Design
& Leadership

I specialize in guiding designers to create delightful human-centered experiences while developing strategies that deliver business outcomes.


My experience allows me to identify value-creation opportunities in the product design workflow.



I work to win buy-in through creatively illustrating business opportunity, strategy and scope.



I focus designers to innovate and to reach milestones along the runway while aiming for their goals.



Design Thinking Approach

There are various UX tools and investigative frameworks at a designer’s disposal. I mentor designers to identify problems and to choose research techniques, workshops, and design patterns that best suit their needs.


In the problem finding stage, UX designers use formative research to develop an empathetic view of our user’s experiences and analyze the data to create a prioritized list of our user’s problem.


During the solution finding stage, a cross-functional group of designers, engineers and business managers explore ways to solve the user’s problems.


In the iterative phase, we design hi-fi representation of our ideas, validate them with summative questions, and repeat until the features are ready for release.



Design Management / UX & UI/ Strategy

Case Studies

Design Strategy/UX Design - Web.com (acquired Yodle)

Design System Architecture

Managed a team of designers and developers to increase operational efficiencies by building a design system from the ground up.
Design Leadership/UI & UX - Web.com (acquired Yodle)

Earning Customer Trust

Led designers to modernize an enterprise marketing platform which services the needs of over 10,000 business locations across 150 major brands.
Design & UX - Quirky

Expanding Market Reach

Redesigned the e-commerce experience to improve conversions while showcasing the story behind a product's path from an idea to being sold on various market places.
Product Design Leadership / UX / UI - efurb

The Lean Ecommerce Startup

Led UX team in the design and launch of a responsive e-commerce marketplace for the growth stage startup.


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